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As an Early Years Practitioner, and qualified teacher with over 18 years experience of working with children and young people. I have seen first-hand how mindsets are the most powerful tool, to support the achievement of happiness and success.

Are you ready to Empower your child from the inside out

At Raising Mind-sets we work with you and your child, providing tools for change, we support your child in installing new though patterns and positive mind-sets based on proven success models. We work with you as Parents and Educators to tailor our programs and services to meet Individual needs

The overwhelming sadness of watching kids with poor self confidence experience failure and give up on themselves

In my work I have seen many children and young people struggle to fulfil their potential, believing that their intelligence or ability is fixed and  accept failure  as inevitable, while others flourish, with a real sense of confidence and self-belief. I have learned that it is not the reality or their ability that shapes the kids, but instead it is the lens in which their brain views the world that shapes their reality which can lead to constraints. If we can change the lens not only can we help change some of the outcomes for such children and young people, but also their motivation happiness in themselves and their sense of worthiness

 Why we all need to Raise our children's mindsets

I founded Raising Mindsets from my heartfelt conviction, and belief, that no child or young person should be left behind. The attainment of success and happiness should be a level playing field, attainable for all children regardless of circumstances.

I realized through my years of working as a teacher, that our Education system focuses heavily on children and young peoples academic achievement and Performance. However it is our children's' core inner beliefs and thought patterns, that lead to their feelings of potentiality, taking action, and potentially success and happiness. 

No Matter how much you love your child, or the amount of quality time you spend with them, you can not live their life for them.

I have worked with many children and parents to understand that failure is a part of our children's life no one can go through life without failure.

 Instead what matters is the meaning our children give to these failures and thus their reactions. 

Our Early years are very important for us as parents teachers, friends etc...all help to create our mind-sets.

As children we accept what we are told and adopt these beliefs until they become ingrained and fixed in us, eventually becoming our inner voice of wisdom, influencing our choice and habits

Fortunately our children's mindsets regarding important aspects of their lives are malleable, and based on their choice of meanings they give to certain circumstances. 

How I raise my own childrens mindsets

As a mother of two young girls I am familiar the challenges we may encounter, in trying to instil positive attitudes values and belief systems, in our children, when helping them navigate the world around them.

I have placed great emphasis on supporting my daughters with processing what they feel on the inside, and the importance of staying true to their inner self. 



 Sham Minhas is a certified Wisdom coach, she is the founder of Raising Mind-sets, which she set up  to work with children and young people, to bring the most value to them in adopting a positive mindset.

She is a  Qualified teacher with over 18 years of experience, in teaching children and young people. She has also trained early years practitioners, in  supporting children's learning and development

Sham is also a Parent Coach for the Parent Gym, delivering a universal parenting program to support parents in Primary schools.

She has also worked as a volunteer life Coach, with youth at Risk. delivering one to one and group coaching for teenagers.

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